Museums Association of the Caribbean Annual Conference & General Meeting


Beyond Boundaries: Transcending Geographies, Disciplines, and Identities

October 23 - 26, 2017

The 2017 MAC Program Committee is issuing a call for session proposals that accentuates the vital role museums, historic and cultural heritage sites play in the conservation, education, scientific research and tourism offerings of Caribbean nations. The 2017 conference will extend beyond borders to explore the transcendent power of cultural institutions to connect people and ideas.  Miami’s culturally rich landscape provides a backdrop for colleagues across the western hemisphere, to engage in multi-disciplinary discussions on the myriad expressions of identity within multi-ethnic and multi-racial communities. This occasion provides an opportunity for diasporic dialogues among professional organizations with a demonstrated commitment to the conservation and preservation of our common natural and cultural heritage.

Who Should Present?

Museum Practitioners, Archivists, Educators, Researchers, Scholars, Librarians, Conservators, Registrars, Museum Trustees, Funders, Granting Organizations.

Suggested Session Topics:

1.      Explorations of museum exhibitions, programs and initiatives that conceptually reach across geographic borders

2.      Multi-disciplinary approaches to curating exhibitions or presenting content

3.      Investigations of the changing demographic of museum audiences and visitors to cultural heritage sites

4.      New multi-cultural and multi-ethnic directions in cultural heritage tourism

5.      Social media strategies for diverse generations

6.      Fundraising strategies that break the mold

7.      Meeting small museum challenges with “out of the box” thinking

The official language of the conference is in English. 

All conference proposal submissions must be in English.  

Call for Proposals in Spanish 

Call for Proposals in French

Call for Proposals in Dutch

Deadline for Proposals: Monday, May 1, 2017



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